Monday, April 30, 2012

star trek

Just started getting into star trek next generation. i never watched it until now in my life, which seems like kind of a surprise to me, but maybe it is perfect timing. last two episodes were so deep (i'm still only in first season, i think they were where no one has gone before, and lonely among us, ep 7 and 8).
ep 7 was all about how thought, time, and space are one and the same thing. and we can use our thought to travel a billion light years! and our thoughts can create physical reality! the secret is you dont have to be a highly advanced alien life form from another dimension, we can already do this everybody.
ep 8 was about energy bodies! the ship went through a giant purple energy cloud and picked up an energy entity. this entity started trying to inhabit different bodies on the ship trying to figure out how to get back to it's purple cloud. It eventually found Captain Picard and convinced him to join him in the energy cloud where they would exist as two energy bodies fused as one! Picard followed its lead, but changed his mind once he was floating around alone in the purple cloud as pure energy. the ship flew thru to rescue him, when a big P showed up on the screen, "picard is in the ship's circuitry"! he finally made it back into physical form after his pure energy purple cloud adventure. they also brought up binary thought and duality.
so in case you didnt know already, just wanted to let you know star trek rules. (and it's hella metaphysical!)

Friday, April 20, 2012


Been back from tour for a few weeks now. It was a seriously beautiful consciousness expanding experience. also i love love love my city and im glad to be home in this magical place. but do you know how claustrophobic your LIFE can be sometimes? lots of open space on the road. let's try to remember to give each other the room to grow and the space to be. for all the walls (and im not referring to people just structures) out there let's be open meadows in which ourselves and others may space out. no boundaries in love everybody. time to think infinity. infinity is seriously all around us, we live in abundance.