Sunday, November 20, 2011


I used to relate to aliens because i felt alienated. but now that the alien in everyone is awakening more and more, i relate to alien because it has transformed into symbolizing unity. we are all children of the universe, beautiful differentiations of the life source. thank you planet earth and the universe for transforming alienation into unity!! i am so grateful to finally feel connected.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

111111 reconnect in heaven 777

so nice to feel the love in this room on 111111 with peanut butter wolf and friends.
thank you to the audience for watching me sing about infinite universal love over electro/house/disco records
let's connect to the infinite love source
c'mon everybody let your love pour forth

Friday, November 11, 2011


"Human individuals will not function in such cumbersome fashion as they do today. They will go about their tasks with the grace of dancers, performing to a music that each will hear on his or her own channel, the music of his or her own soul. Through melodies, god will sustain each of his contextual identities in supreme fulfillment. Specific melodies will change with each environment, with each moment , with each task. Yet a consistent overall pattern of musical relationship will constitute the new identity of mankind. The song of the moment will be what each individual is in that moment, translated into an ever-changing musical score.
Music will be the informational medium through which the totality of consciousness informs each individual cell of it's specific functional duties within that totality. Individuals will participate in this music as well as listen to it. All humanity will be involved in conscious creation, immensely fulfilled in the capacities they serve. When an individual is not required in a functional capacity, he or she will be free to compose the score that will specify a route of musical travel within the body of creation."
quote from The Starseed Transmissions - An Extraterrestrial Report - Raphael

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Gaiadon Heart

8 days to 111111

I find myself increasingly becoming so overwhelmed by love that i am moved to tears, it is becoming a daily event. I look out my window, at some trees in the wind, and it is pure beauty. there is no more time for the mundane, the end of suffering is here. it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to indulge in fear and insecurity. it is time to shift into pure love. as we are becoming multi-dimensional beings time eludes us. without time we know that all living beings are also dead and all dead souls are alive. we merge with death as we merge with life. the feminine energy that has been so long brewing, bottled up and hidden away will be unleashed as an immense power of love and beauty. we will tap into a pure energy of sexuality (one that originates from feminine power), the active component of the passive, that is so powerful that it can be transmitted to all beings at once without physical touch. we are so restless as we feel these new energies upon us we don't even know yet what to do with them. We are rushing outside and screaming to the rooftops "time for change"! we are coming together and these energies are coming out all over the place. we are trying our best to channel and understand them. we will soon recognize how to do so. we are the 100%. united-one-all inclusive humanity working together to make this shift. the method is pure love. the spiritual realm belongs to all. we are healed.