Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ace Hotel

I am performing at the ace hotel!!
join me for some desert dreams

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Smooth Ride Lyrics and Meaning

Smooth Ride

All that surrounds me is beauty to infinity
When things get rough just look up
Heaven revealed

Lets all ride this cosmic shift smoothly into paradise

If you need to cry let tears flow from your eyes
As you pass sadness by
If pain comes your way
Let it fade
Leave suffering behind

Let’s all ride this cosmic shift smoothly into paradise

When things start to change, rearrange
No need to feel strange
Light and dark unite
As love gives flight
To higher planes

Let’s all ride this cosmic shift smoothly into paradise

This song is about facing spiritual evolution with strength and love rather than fear. This can be a worldwide evolution or a personal one, and there is not much distinction here anyway. When we learn and experience new things, when we grow, it can be frightening because we are entering unknown territory.. however, giving into this fear will only hold you back. I see and know and feel with my heart and soul that paradise is attainable for everyone. When you can let go of fear, paradise reveals itself to you. It was there all the time but fear was clouding your perception. All we need is that little shift out of fear and we are already in paradise. This song is also about surrender and no resistance. If we can  become non-resistant, than suffering flows right through us. Resistance and fear can magnify each other, lets instead surrender to paradise. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Inverted Image lyrics and meaning

Inverted Image

Sweetheart where are the lips
I miss and long to kiss
The corners of which
Turned up so slightly in bliss
Make all else cease to exist

My thoughts drift off to you
I can’t keep them tethered to me
Are you lonely
Or are you relieved
Or are you just as confused as me

As I lay down to sleep tonight
You’re no longer by my side
I long for your tender touch
And fall through the space that once was us

My love where is your love
 I wish we had found it
It’s locked in the dark
Behind a gruesome guard
I don’t envy your journey best wishes

Even if you asked me
Though I know you won’t
I wouldn’t go back there
To that place we both shared
That beautiful lake in which we were both drowning

Flowers whose beauty unsurpassed
Are many things as they float past
The water’s a crystal hue
Of emerald and blue
A resplendent mirror
So silken to feel
Draped in tall trees
And drowned in joy’s tears
Each drop sings a song
Through birds that belong
To beings with on knowledge of right and wrong
So maybe I like to go
Back there sometimes
But only in sleep
When in dreams I reside
To soak in the magic
That we once made
To hold onto something
Before it fades

This is a heartbreak song. About the feelings and emotions I went through after having to leave someone that was an important part of my life who I loved very much. Probably many other people have experienced the same thing..having to get used to sleeping alone..wondering how the other person is handling it..wishing and wondering how you could have made it work. But even though it’s hard to leave that time behind, there is usually a good reason why it had to end. The end of the song gives homage to what I believe to have been a beautiful love, but at the same time I recognize it was not one that could have lasted very long. So it’s a sort of eulogistic farewell. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Uncoiled lyrics and meaning


Uncoil me

Turning around
Uncoil me

Open portals
I see
in time
uncoil me

take me home
to the misty gardens
to the source
all is one is all

dead skin
so raw
to love
uncoil me

this song is about when you realize something that’s been holding you back from flourishing in your full potential. You recognize this thing and you are able to shed it from your life, getting back to or closer to your true self. Uncoiling yourself from the things that are trying to choke you or oppress you, so you are free to shine in your ultimate and full being.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cyborg Sweetie lyrics and meaning


They say ours is a love so unnatural
My cyborg sweetie, look at me, I don’t believe them
How could this feeling be wrong
My cyborg sweetie, walk with me, but im afraid it wont be for long

Oh I cant live without your titanium touch
To lose your techno love would hurt me so much

Breakdown (from p.o.v. of CS)
I might be metal made
So what your carbon based
I don’t care what the say
I still love you babe
You set my hard drive spinning
Yeah you crash my system
My main frame..your soul
Together, eternal

cyborg sweetie is set in a post-apocalyptic police state with mutants, rebels, and a plethora of technological experiments. the police state and all the normals are desperately clinging to some definition of humanity by trying to oppress all the new life forms and humanoids hanging around. co-mingling between humans and these "others" is especially forbidden. but the rebels are looking to embrace the new world and move with the flow of evolution. they believe true humanity lies in love, not biology. this song follows the story of star-crossed lovers: a human rebel and a cyborg, and expresses their feelings despite all the opposition. though its rather tongue in cheek, it's really meant to address all forbidden love. That can be the kind that comes up against society and government, or even the restrictions we place on love in general, making it taboo in and of itself. Let the infinite source of love flow free into this world in any shape or form!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WGTKY lyrics and meaning


I don’t really know you boy
You don’t really know me
I seen you around a couple times
I think you seen me
And in the absence of truth ive built a fantasy
Can you live up to it
I hope you get the chance honey

Some force is pulling you into my line of sight
Thought you aint my friend but your just my type
When will you put me out of my misery
Come closer baby, get close to me

I wanna get to know you boy
Wont you let me get to know you
I wanna get to know you girl
Wont you let me get to know you…

Oh wont you burn my soul with your eyes
Come on and call me up invest a dime
When will you touch your lips to mine
I cant wait no more
Im going out of my mind



This song is initially just about crushing on someone. Its about lust and desire and fantasy. But it also asks to get past the fantasy, to get closer to that person, for that physical connection outside the ghost persona. Look into me with your to me..touch your lips to mine. Let’s connect for real. What are the things that cause us to be drawn to certain people, without maybe even ever meeting them ? many times infatuations arise even more when we don’t actually know that person because we use them as a symbol of all of our own desires. Its not even about that person anymore it becomes about getting closer to and understanding our own yearnings. Its meaningful to explore these things…I learned that my own desires were wrapped up in some aspects of myself that I wanted to grow out of. I wanted ‘a freak like me’ I didn’t have to feel so alone. But once I began to transform the idea of alien and see it represent a unity with all things, I didn’t need this counterpart so much any more. I made more room for relationships to come into my life that are more real, that I don’t need to elaborate into fantasies, and that help me to expand beyond myself. 

Monday, October 29, 2012


I am aware that the UK release of my album makes it difficult for some to acquire because of the exchange rate and shipping costs. I am sorry for this. some ways this can be remedied:
you can buy it digitally...
ask your local record store to order it
Moon Moods also available on cassette from Leaving Records for $7!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Diva - Lonely Drive from CRITICAL HEIGHTS on Vimeo.

New video directed by Alex Constable for the song Lonely Drive off of Moon Moods.
happy to know i am not alone anymore since i realized that all multiversal multidimensional manifestation is my constant companion!

Wanna Get To Know You (Skype Spell Version)

made a fantasy skype version of my song wanna get to know you, because i really do wanna get to know YOU. because you are me and i am you..look into my eyes lets get the knowledge of ourselves. INTIMACY

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stream Moon Moods

Moon Moods is now available to stream here:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Moon Moods Pre-Order

My upcoming album Moon Moods is now available for pre-order through critical heights!
set to release Oct. 9th
beautiful photograph by Logan White

Inverted Image

new video premiered on dublab today!!!!
directed by the amazing Miko Revereza.
for the song Inverted Image off my upcoming album Moon Moods set to release oct 9th from Critical Heights

DIVA- Inverted Image from miko revereza on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


so i had a somewhat unnerving sleep paralysis experience last night. sleep paralysis is this state between waking and sleeping can be brought on by fatigue and is sort of like your body falling asleep before your mind. however it can also be self-induced without fatigue through hypnosis/meditation. So your body is totally paralyzed and it can also be accompanied by visions. I used to get this a lot as a teenager and was terrified of it until i learned it was a 'thing'. later on i learned that it can be used as a state for remote viewing and as a gateway to astral projection and that what i thought were hallucinations were really me being able to perceive more of what was really there or other dimensions/planes.
sometimes now i try to use my sleep paralysis to explore these dimensions further. unfortunately paranoia and fear can be symptoms of the hypnagogic state in sleep paralysis and if you are afraid it is hard to result in projection.
last night i fell into sleep paralysis due to fatigue. finding myself in that state i tried to stay calm and go with the flow of it. usually when i get sleep paralysis im lying flat on my back and can see the room im sleeping in (through closed eyes) though sometimes with other dimensions superimposed. this time though i was sleeping on my stomach (its very rare to get sleep paralysis in this position) and i could not see anything but only felt as in a sort of darkness with possibly white swirling particles of motion around me. i heard a voice, very robotic and distorted, speaking to me. it was very difficult to hear what it was saying and it sounded a bit monstrous so i was getting a little scared. I finally made out what sounded like "get out of this city". I also felt the sensations of beginning an astral projection and was trying to go with that until a wave of paranoia came over me and i thought maybe this entity was saying "get out of this body". I wasn't sure and I thought in my paranoia that this entity may be trying to push me out of my body forcefully and take possession so I struggled free from the paralysis and came back into waking consciousness.
Lying awake now i had some things to think about. and the main thought that stuck out to me was, how do you know which other-dimensional entities to trust? Now i try not to subscribe to fear. I feel that all fear can be combated with love. but it's still something im striving toward and am far from achieving. So i started thinking about the fear in this situation. and about good and evil. what if this was an evil entity trying to possess me? where would i go? would i share existence with it, would i unknowingly take it into my own identity, would i be sent to wander some other plane, would i return to oblivion? asking myself these questions i realized how far i am from being free from fear and free from ego.
 first of all, i don't believe in good and evil. its more about opposition to each others will here (if thats what the entity was really trying to do). the fear of these outcomes is what stopped me from following through into a projection and learning more about other-dimensional space. if i am really dedicated to exploring these metaphysical/mystical/paranormal questions i have however, i have to not let this fear get in the way. That means no fear of oblivion. I think thats the one that scared me the most..was simply not existing anymore as a condensed form but being dispersed back into force. which means loss of me (really all the fears i had were about loss of me, my identity). so if i am going to continue these explorations deeply, i need to have no fear of oblivion. and that doesn't just mean i don't fear it because i believe the power of love will not let it happen. it means no fear because you accept that it might happen. you have to be willing to sacrifice yourself (meaning your transmutation from form to force).
(on the other hand what if it really was telling me to get out of the city?)
been trying a little practice to help with breaking down my ego and self-importance. when i am interacting with another person or thinking of another person i also tell myself i am that person. even just declaring that in your thoughts helps. sometimes i find it necessary to meditate on it a little longer if it feels like this person is pretty different from me or if i have some kind of conflict with them. but i always find the place where we both fit and both are one. this can be really helpful if you are feeling anger or jealousy toward someone. you can also do this with animals and inanimate objects. hopefully this slow dissipation of my self will help me to not fear oblivion.
what are your thoughts on all of this?