Sunday, May 29, 2011


I went on tour in April through Europe and visited this place just outside of Berlin called Teufelsberg. It's a man-made hill constructed from world war II rubble built on top of a nazi college. A beautiful magical forest has now grown on the hill and at the very top is an abandoned british american cold war spy tower, featuring many geodesic domes. on the top of the tallest tower sits a dome that is an incredible natural reverb chamber. it was so beautiful that we recorded a bunch of songs there. featuring myself, Lily X. Warhman, Ariana Papademetropoulos, and a few strangers also hanging out in the dome.

Berlin Spy Tower by \\Diva//
The Glitter End (teufelsberg) by \\Diva//
In My Room (teufelsberg) by \\Diva//
When You Wish Upon A Star (teufelsberg) by \\Diva//
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (teufelsberg) by \\Diva//
God Only Knows (teufelsberg) by \\Diva//
Panis Et Circenses (teufelsberg) by \\Diva//


  1. this is really cool, have you ever been to the integratron out near pioneertown?

  2. kind of continued the mission of david lynch who was planing a university up there to teach the philosophy of transcendental meditation a few years ago...not sure why it didn't work out...

  3. These tracks are beautiful, you are so lucky to be able to travel to such amazing places!

  4. For your next Paris trip you may visit some catacombs, there's nearly 180 miles of dark corridors under the city with some big rooms sometimes. Rooms with beautiful reverberation. But one must pass through some forbidden doors to go there. There's a part of the catacombs for the tourist but they're not so interesting.

    There is a lot of caves and old quarry in france. They form beautiful labyrinths.

    If one day you go in the west of Paris (like 2hours on the road), there's a spectacular visionnary environnement made by Robert Tatin (his name is also the name of a french pie), i think you sould like it.

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