Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I have absolutely no time, space, or energy to harbor anger or fear within me. I only have the capacity to be ever-connected to the infinite love source.


  1. You sounds like future.
    What is good with harbors is that any kind of ship could freely come and go... That's a benefit from liquids, you can dive into, look at your instincts and then go back to surface...

    Ever-connected to the infinite love source? Whoa, at this level you may not need any lover, isn't it? Maybe that's why you get a lot.

    lovesourcefromfrance XOXO

  2. Sometimes i feel like my will for positivity is what makes negativity occurs in my life. Like if everything is a matter of balance, when i focus on one thing the other side of it will pop up anytime soon.

    Sometimes people tell me they would like to see me angry because i'm never (they know "kind" people become scary when angry...)

    Maybe negativity is just the counterpart to positivity. I hope there's a third state wich combine both. Maybe its called felicity, or joy or maybe words don't fit. I'm confused. To overcome fear we have to embraces it. Like we can't be free from something we refuse.

    i wish you a great autumn. season to let dead things go.