Friday, November 11, 2011


"Human individuals will not function in such cumbersome fashion as they do today. They will go about their tasks with the grace of dancers, performing to a music that each will hear on his or her own channel, the music of his or her own soul. Through melodies, god will sustain each of his contextual identities in supreme fulfillment. Specific melodies will change with each environment, with each moment , with each task. Yet a consistent overall pattern of musical relationship will constitute the new identity of mankind. The song of the moment will be what each individual is in that moment, translated into an ever-changing musical score.
Music will be the informational medium through which the totality of consciousness informs each individual cell of it's specific functional duties within that totality. Individuals will participate in this music as well as listen to it. All humanity will be involved in conscious creation, immensely fulfilled in the capacities they serve. When an individual is not required in a functional capacity, he or she will be free to compose the score that will specify a route of musical travel within the body of creation."
quote from The Starseed Transmissions - An Extraterrestrial Report - Raphael

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