Friday, February 24, 2012

blackblack lp

reaching into my magic teenage wonderland, Alt Vinyl has put out the only vinyl release of my old band blackblack. if your into shaggsish fantasy punk about dragons and demons, created by sisters and lovers, check it out! also the vinyl of my record The Glitter End is still available through them.


  1. La venue de ce présent est un don. Merci. Je souhaite que cette beauté puisse renouveler les coeurs de l'univers!

    Diva, thank you! For real! This work you did is so great! So beautiful. It's very touching because at times it really comes right out directly from a dream and we can hear it! Worlds Collides!!!! Lights converge and beings appear! That's raw, that's real! Real magic! You true wizard! Maybe im lost in translation or i dont want to grow up but this record makes me want to cry like guarantaxtaxq. It's pure and dark at the same time so the tension is whoaa, it catches me like "something's happening", plus its very simple and subtle, congratulations you three you had a miracle!

    may all the hearts be enlightened

  2. Hmmm, I don't suppose there are any US or Canadian sellers for this record, are there? I would love to have this album on vinyl, but international shipping is soooo pricey!