Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Moon Moods Pre-Order

My upcoming album Moon Moods is now available for pre-order through critical heights!
set to release Oct. 9th
beautiful photograph by Logan White

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  1. i got my copy of moon moods a few days ago and im on my third listening experience of it...

    I was a bit surprised by certain tracks but i love it more and more. Moon is very shifting. But now i can feel the continuity behind, i start to get to know you. Your distance and your proxima (centauri).
    Shapes maybe disturbing but you create paradox that lead me to think about your true nature. I often read in abductees stories that aliens have a face without emotions. Your face and your eyes in the skype spell video are killing me with fright and love at the same time. Maybe infinite love is beyond emotions.

    The music choices and everything makes me think you're more detached. Maybe it's different yous or not even you sometimes...
    I need to listen closely to all the lyrics. I like what you write. And your singing is really evolving, more skillfull, more DIVAesque, but you keep a good dose of nonchalence or distance that makes it still very personnal.
    Its a beautiful album.