Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wanna Get To Know You (Skype Spell Version)

made a fantasy skype version of my song wanna get to know you, because i really do wanna get to know YOU. because you are me and i am you..look into my eyes lets get the knowledge of ourselves. INTIMACY


  1. perfect song to end my night of failing to get to know a girl i always see around at shows but never talked to her yet... but i think shes waiting, or at least i like to think she is. love your new album ms diva, but i cant stream it forever. any chance on a US release to save us some money?

    1. glad u could relate to the song. it can be frustrating feeling disconnected, whether its with a person or with humanity or whatever. we begin to create fantasies, but sometimes it good to let these fantasies go to make room for the universe to surprise us.
      I released the album on cassette through Leaving Records, a los angeles based label, and that is very cheap if you have a cassette player!
      its also available digitally for a reasonable price.
      (p.s. luv nic cage)

  2. yeah you're right. i tend to dream about the future as if its already happening, but the universe almost always gives me a better path that i could not have foreseen.
    the cassette of moon moods might have to do, thanks! and thanks for the nice response. yes, nicolas cage, im a fan of his more recent hairline/acting combos. my favorites are from the movies 'the knowing' and 'the sorcerers apprentice'.