Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cyborg Sweetie lyrics and meaning


They say ours is a love so unnatural
My cyborg sweetie, look at me, I don’t believe them
How could this feeling be wrong
My cyborg sweetie, walk with me, but im afraid it wont be for long

Oh I cant live without your titanium touch
To lose your techno love would hurt me so much

Breakdown (from p.o.v. of CS)
I might be metal made
So what your carbon based
I don’t care what the say
I still love you babe
You set my hard drive spinning
Yeah you crash my system
My main frame..your soul
Together, eternal

cyborg sweetie is set in a post-apocalyptic police state with mutants, rebels, and a plethora of technological experiments. the police state and all the normals are desperately clinging to some definition of humanity by trying to oppress all the new life forms and humanoids hanging around. co-mingling between humans and these "others" is especially forbidden. but the rebels are looking to embrace the new world and move with the flow of evolution. they believe true humanity lies in love, not biology. this song follows the story of star-crossed lovers: a human rebel and a cyborg, and expresses their feelings despite all the opposition. though its rather tongue in cheek, it's really meant to address all forbidden love. That can be the kind that comes up against society and government, or even the restrictions we place on love in general, making it taboo in and of itself. Let the infinite source of love flow free into this world in any shape or form!

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