Monday, November 19, 2012

Inverted Image lyrics and meaning

Inverted Image

Sweetheart where are the lips
I miss and long to kiss
The corners of which
Turned up so slightly in bliss
Make all else cease to exist

My thoughts drift off to you
I can’t keep them tethered to me
Are you lonely
Or are you relieved
Or are you just as confused as me

As I lay down to sleep tonight
You’re no longer by my side
I long for your tender touch
And fall through the space that once was us

My love where is your love
 I wish we had found it
It’s locked in the dark
Behind a gruesome guard
I don’t envy your journey best wishes

Even if you asked me
Though I know you won’t
I wouldn’t go back there
To that place we both shared
That beautiful lake in which we were both drowning

Flowers whose beauty unsurpassed
Are many things as they float past
The water’s a crystal hue
Of emerald and blue
A resplendent mirror
So silken to feel
Draped in tall trees
And drowned in joy’s tears
Each drop sings a song
Through birds that belong
To beings with on knowledge of right and wrong
So maybe I like to go
Back there sometimes
But only in sleep
When in dreams I reside
To soak in the magic
That we once made
To hold onto something
Before it fades

This is a heartbreak song. About the feelings and emotions I went through after having to leave someone that was an important part of my life who I loved very much. Probably many other people have experienced the same thing..having to get used to sleeping alone..wondering how the other person is handling it..wishing and wondering how you could have made it work. But even though it’s hard to leave that time behind, there is usually a good reason why it had to end. The end of the song gives homage to what I believe to have been a beautiful love, but at the same time I recognize it was not one that could have lasted very long. So it’s a sort of eulogistic farewell. 

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