Sunday, November 25, 2012

Smooth Ride Lyrics and Meaning

Smooth Ride

All that surrounds me is beauty to infinity
When things get rough just look up
Heaven revealed

Lets all ride this cosmic shift smoothly into paradise

If you need to cry let tears flow from your eyes
As you pass sadness by
If pain comes your way
Let it fade
Leave suffering behind

Let’s all ride this cosmic shift smoothly into paradise

When things start to change, rearrange
No need to feel strange
Light and dark unite
As love gives flight
To higher planes

Let’s all ride this cosmic shift smoothly into paradise

This song is about facing spiritual evolution with strength and love rather than fear. This can be a worldwide evolution or a personal one, and there is not much distinction here anyway. When we learn and experience new things, when we grow, it can be frightening because we are entering unknown territory.. however, giving into this fear will only hold you back. I see and know and feel with my heart and soul that paradise is attainable for everyone. When you can let go of fear, paradise reveals itself to you. It was there all the time but fear was clouding your perception. All we need is that little shift out of fear and we are already in paradise. This song is also about surrender and no resistance. If we can  become non-resistant, than suffering flows right through us. Resistance and fear can magnify each other, lets instead surrender to paradise. 

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