Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WGTKY lyrics and meaning


I don’t really know you boy
You don’t really know me
I seen you around a couple times
I think you seen me
And in the absence of truth ive built a fantasy
Can you live up to it
I hope you get the chance honey

Some force is pulling you into my line of sight
Thought you aint my friend but your just my type
When will you put me out of my misery
Come closer baby, get close to me

I wanna get to know you boy
Wont you let me get to know you
I wanna get to know you girl
Wont you let me get to know you…

Oh wont you burn my soul with your eyes
Come on and call me up invest a dime
When will you touch your lips to mine
I cant wait no more
Im going out of my mind



This song is initially just about crushing on someone. Its about lust and desire and fantasy. But it also asks to get past the fantasy, to get closer to that person, for that physical connection outside the ghost persona. Look into me with your to me..touch your lips to mine. Let’s connect for real. What are the things that cause us to be drawn to certain people, without maybe even ever meeting them ? many times infatuations arise even more when we don’t actually know that person because we use them as a symbol of all of our own desires. Its not even about that person anymore it becomes about getting closer to and understanding our own yearnings. Its meaningful to explore these things…I learned that my own desires were wrapped up in some aspects of myself that I wanted to grow out of. I wanted ‘a freak like me’ I didn’t have to feel so alone. But once I began to transform the idea of alien and see it represent a unity with all things, I didn’t need this counterpart so much any more. I made more room for relationships to come into my life that are more real, that I don’t need to elaborate into fantasies, and that help me to expand beyond myself. 

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